Joe prepares to start the Slot Pull.

Johnny watches.

Michael feeds the machine $21.

Michael prepares to risk it.

Spin the wheel!

The hopeful crowd.

Hey! We won $10!

Beginning to lose hope?

Yeah. Maybe it's hopeless.

Carl and Connie don't think we're gonna win.

Joe and Jim don't see victory coming.

Sandi thinks it's hopeless too.

Crystal, Jim, and Joe near the end.

Sherry, Danny, Johnny at the bitter end.

In the end? We all had a good time. Next cruise, we’ll do the slot pull on the trip OUT, as it seemed the machines were tightened up for the return trip, not paying out as well as we’d have liked. (We put in $21 from each of 22 players ($462); and yet in the end, the group only “won” $117.)