Cabin Crawl

A Cabin Crawl is a chance to see cabins other than your own. Diamond Heads offered up their cabins for the crawl, and Jim and Lynn arranged our route. Lynn says our crawl was 1,500 steps long. (And it felt it!) (Sadly, a lot of my pix this day came out fuzzy.)

These are the cabins we saw, and our hosts:

DeckCabinCategoryLocationYour hosts
  44561NInsideKen & Dawn
  77626E3Back rightNeil & Ellen
  88168D1AftShanna & Rich
  88088E1Hump leftReggie
  99256D1AftGinny & Carl
  99594D1Hump rightBarb & Joe
101102D1AftTim & Sue
101020E1Front leftRichard & Jean
101544JuniorFront rightKathy & Mark
101536GrandFront rightMike & Elenor

Lynn and Jim who did such an extraordinary job organizing and running the Cabin Crawl!
Thanks you two!! (You can see they're still wearing their Diamond Head nametags.)

Kathy, Jean, and Richard.

Reggie, Sterling, Mike, and Sherry (and Ellen’s shoulder) in front.
Barb and Liz in the back, and more folks out in the hall.

Richard, Neil in the hall, Carl and Ginnie

EVERYbody in the suite.

Ginnie, Carl, and Ellen, between the counter and the closets.

Dean, Ellen, Kathy inside, Lynn leaving, Neil outside. The balcony door was open,
and with the corridor open, there were gale-force winds blowing through the cabin.

Charles and Melissa in front; Richard, Barb, Liz, Ginny in back. Sibyl in the middle.

Same folks, and add Dean and Carl. (Oh, and Johnny in the left-side mirror!)

Barb, Neil filming, Charles, Ginnie, Ellen, Melissa, and Dean.

Richard, Dean and Carl


Mark, Connie, and Marv

Mike’s Milkshake Shakedown

In each of the cabins we visited, a clue was provided to the contestants in Mike’s MilkShake Shakedown. The Crawl ended in our Grand Suite, with a recap of the nine clues, and a chance to think about where, in the Grand Suite, the $100-bill prize was hidden and how many people had signed up (several months before) to be “Milkshakers.” The catch was that whoever won the prize, was also committing him or herself to buying a milkshake up in the SeaView Cafe for however many Milkshakers had signed up.

The clues were:

  1. It has plastic on it.
  2. It has fabric on it.
  3. It had hard and soft parts.
  4. It has holes in it.
  5. It is heavy.
  6. It has a pleasing appearance.
  7. It can be moved.
  8. You can see into parts of it.
  9. You should not sit on it.

Michael reads out the rules of the Shakedown. Dawn and Mary listen.

Michael reads out the clues again.

Michael reads out the contestant’s names.

Kathy and Mark work on their guesses while Shanna waits.

“Did you get it?”

Now Connie waits; it's harder than it seems!

And the winner was?

Mark! No one guessed the correct location: among the guesses were: under the TV, under the VCR, and under the lamp. The second basis for winning was the guess of how many people had signed up to be Milkshakers: Mark guessed 17 and there were only 13 people who wanted milkshakes.

Oh yeah. And the correct location of the $100 bill? In Michael's pocket!