The Centrum

The Centrum Bar on Formal Night

Centrum Lighted Stairs

Cascades Dining Hall

The two people sitting there are Marge and Bill from our table.

Reynaldo, our waiter, showed us a trick.

The trick

Willian, from Peru, was our assistant waiter.


The “ship map” located by every elevator

The view through the elevator shaft

We lived on deck 10.

The glass doors are etched with old-timey maps.

Looking out-and-down from the elevator

Another view from the elevator

Deck 11 from the elevator

Lattitudes Coffee Bar

I decided, despite it being a 15-day cruise, that I really NEEDED to
have a fancy coffee (mocha latte) every morning (for $5).

Bernadette made really good mochas!


The adults only, indoors pool

The roof does slide open, but it did not get opened on this cruise.

The grey tiling is actually a water wall.

The retractable roof

The standard lion cub photograph (as in: everyone takes this one)

Concierge Lounge

On previous cruises, we never bothered with the Concierge Lounge; on this one, we used it daily.