Diamond Heads

Elenor, Mike, Joe, Barb, Liz, Shanna, Richard
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Lynn, Sibyl, Melissa with their fitness rewards for lots of hiking!
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Dean, Sibyl, Lynn, Jim, Melissa, Charles
(in the Schooner Bar after a trivia game!)
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Ginnie, Carl, Arlene
At a Concierge Lounge pre-dinner drinks and hors-d'ouvres get-together on a formal night

Carl and Ginnie
They visited us one evening in our suite.

Shanna, Richard, and Mark in San Pedro the night before the cruise

Carl and Ginnie, Elenor, Shanna and Richard
At a Diamond Member Crown and Anchor Society party
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Richard nearly matching Jojo's shirt, and Danny
Jojo broke his arm the day before the cruise!

Arlene, Mike, and Chuck at the Tropical Botannical Garden

Barb, right before trivia

Barb, Joe, and Liz

Liz and Joe

Erick and Lorrie with Isabella, Elenor, and Madelyn

(Oh dear, it's one of the girls… but which one?!)


Erick and Lorrie

Elenor and the girls

Chuck and Arlene in Ensenada

Arlene, geared up for trivia

Arlene and Chuck at Onomea Bay

Arlene in the Solarium

Chuck, geared up for trivia

Chuck in the Solarium

Mark and Kathy

Mark and Kathy



Shanna and Richard at the International Market in Honolulu

Shanna, geared up for trivia

Chuck and Shanna try to work out a trivia answer

Shanna, geared up for trivia

(Have yah noticed that we spent a LOT of time at trivia?!)

Richard, playing the deliquent
(Yes, at trivia!)

Got the right answer!

Wow, this is a hard question.

Dawn and Ken on the pier at Ensenada

Nancy enjoying Manuelito playing the guitar

Leo and Nancy

Jim and Lynn came by our cabin one evening for a chat

Dinner Table Companions

Carl and Marilyn and Lois and John, sailing out of Honolulu at night

Marilyn and Carl with daughter Michelle at Marilyn’s birthday party

Marilyn and Carl

Carl and Michelle



Elenor, Marilyn, and Carl

Elenor, Marilyn, and Mike


Michelle and Marilyn

Michael shows up as Carl and Marilyn play pool

Carl and Michael

Marge and Bill

Bill and Michael had a lot of fun conversations

Marge and Bill

Cruise Staff

Carly the Cruise Director and Richard

Carly held regular ‘chat with the cruise director’ meetings

Richard was just one of the Diamond Heads who tried to attend every time.

Carly sitting under Jenny Lind

Carly dressed to the nines one formal night

Steve, the Assistant Cruise Director and Carly

Manuelito, the classical guitarist onboard

Courtney, who took a lot of guff from the trivia buffs!

Ricky Ricardo, from the Dominican Republic,
also ran some of the trivia games

The Diamond Heads Trivia Team won the nine-game progressive trivia contest!
Here we are with Courtney and our prize loot!
(Cruise Staff Courtney, Mike and Elenor, Shanna and Richard, Arlene and Chuck)