Stairwell Art

These are the “inside” pictures of this mask I was not able to get back in 2006.

Cascades Dining Room Art (Entrance Halls)

Lido Restaurant Paintings

Schooner Bar Art

We spent a lot of time in the Schooner Bar, it’s where trivia was held!

The actual bar in the Schooner Bar

The captain, in his Crown and Anchor Society welcome, says that this statue
was the figurehead on the schooner Jennie Lind, and spent years on the sea floor before
being raised and repaired and sold to RCCI. A little research seems to ‘put the lie’ to his tale.

But maybe not.
It’s apparently the topic of much disagreement, over which was, or wasn’t,
the actual figurehead of the schooner Jennie Lind.

Lido Restaurant Food Art

Corridor Art

Festival mask

Festival mask

There were several ‘optical illusion’ type paper art pieces.

Strange art in the deck 4 computer center

A carved door posted near the spa

Chinese coins framed

Chinese gongs

Festival mask

There is a painted cow up near deck 12 with a cow on it.