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The “landing pad” for the Rising Tide bar is closest. The Schooner Bar
is on the second level to the left; the photo lab on the second level to the right.

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The pink shade is the Cupcake Cupboard.

Looking up into Central Park

Promenade art (closer view of the butterflies on the art page)

A passing view from the elevator

Focus photo lab from the Schooner Bar

Glass spiral staircase up to Focus

Sorrento’s pizza down on the right; Central Park above

Sorrento’s from Schooner Bar

The (fake) guy, with his fake friends, painting over the Genesis graphitti are a joke about
the build-name for Oasis and Allure: the Genesis class.

Yeah, fuzzy but I like it!

You can barely see the Boardwalk sign in the distance.

The far end of the Promenade from the Rising Tide bar

The Rising Tide Bar

The bar rises and falls between the Promenade and (the open-air) Central park

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When the bar is up (either during its travels, or at night when it’s closed), the fountains dance below.

The bar at its uppermost position

The bar rising past the trivia players in the Schooner Bar

Promenade details

View up past the Promenade from deck 4 to Central Park

(Closer view of the butterflies on the art page)

Boleros (bar)

This piper played every evening in the Promenade.

The rolling marquee in the Promenade.