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Promenade art and other art

Promenade art

The class name for the Oasis and Allure before their names were decided on was the Genesis class.

There was a cool rolling marquee in the Promenade. I liked it so much I actually took a few seconds of film.

A ceiling in the Promenade

The float under the Rising Tide Bar is studded with crystals.

Other art

Stairwell collage

Something weird in a stairwell

A door handle on a jewelry store on the Promenade

Towel animal! Yippee


Outside the jazz club

Model of the Oasis

Compare to the real thing

Mini-golf, basketball court (across the gulf that is the Boardwalk), the Flowriders, and
the AquaTheater (oh, and the Zipline across the Boardwalk)

The Solarium with its cantilevered hot tub at the very right