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The Oasis of the Seas

Docked in Nassau, the Bahamas

Michael, awaiting our regatta sail

That’s the hull sign, on the aft starboard quarter; see above for scale (in Sint Maartan)

Click for full-sized picture.

A Princess ship and the Monarch (Majesty?) of the Seas inboard of Oasis (Nassau)

First views

View from the taxi on the 17th St. Bridge

From the taxi inside the port, as we approached the pier

Oasis at the pier in Ft Lauderdale

We’ll be safe!

Solarium, superstructure, and bridge wing up over the terminal

After I took this picture, the police chased me away – “security area.”
Said I could take ALL the pix I wanted in any other port – just not this one.

Except for the launch and lifeboat, this could be a fancy apartment building!

From the gangway

From the pier(s)

The bridge wing from the pier

One of two cantilevered hot tubs in the Solarium


On her voyage from Finland to Fort Lauderdale, in December 2009, they hit some very heavy seas, and the protective bars they'd placed to protect the life boats actually didn't manage to protect the first lifeboats. So, they re-engineered the drawings and sent more bars to be welded on to protect the lifeboats in future.

Notice the rack for the missing lifeboat.

The party’s over

Driving away at dawn