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Carousel facts

The centerpiece of the Boardwalk neighborhood is be a one-of-a-kind carousel the first- ever at sea. Hand-crafted from poplar wood and especially created for Royal Caribbean International, this full-sized, traditional carousel took eight months to complete. It features 21 figures suspended from stainless steel poles showcasing a time-honored menagerie of animals such as zebras, giraffes and lions, alongside a variety of hand-painted horses including a princess horse and a crowned frog prince.

Carousel build history

The walkway to the Boardwalk and carousel display a carousel horse in stages of creation

The earliest shape: glued-together chunks of wood

Click for full picture of the stage where the finer carving begins

The displays show several steps in each stage.

Click for full picture of the carving and painting stages

The painting step

Finished! (And ready to gallop onto the carousel)