Ruud van Empel

Dutch, 1958, Study in Green, Cibachrome

The photograpic and computer art of the artist focuses on looking, tempting, and appeals to secret fantasies. The artist selects, cuts, pastes, and constructs new images by computer, in fact, new worlds. He creates a mysterious atmosphere in which desire and fantasy are slumbering. His work is about looking and seduction, about being looked at and being seduced, about innocence and the loss of innocence. Some details in these works are made especially to be photographed, so he can make a composition combining objects that together give a new meaning to the image. His work is made like a traditional collage, only not by hand but by computer. The work is printed out on Cibachrome is a small edition.

SeaView Cafe art

Happened to run across our friends Margaret and Carl’s cabin door! Not RCCI art, but it’s fer shure ship art!

Hilda Maehlum

Norwegian, 1945, Dark II Bronze

“I change between various forms of expression, my basis being a tradition-bound figurative rooting. My engagement is human being itself, and I concentrate particularly on the head, to which I return in various interpretations.”

Schooner Watercolors

Schooner Bar art

Vortx art

Safari Art

Windjammer art

Tidings main dining hall art

This is art? (No. No, it’s not.)