Arriving at Mont St Michel

In 708 AD, according to the legend, in the little town of Avanches in Normandy, France, the glorious Archangel Michael appeared in the dreams of the Bishop Auvert of the Diocese, and commanded the churchman to build a church on a rocky little island near the town. Despite his acquiescence, the Bishop must surely have questioned the Archangel’s judgment a time or two, for the island which St Michael chose could hardly have been less congenial.

Saint Michael, whose gilded statue decorates the top of the abbey’s spire, was the patron saint of
many French kings, making this a favored sight for French royalty through the ages.
The buildings of the monastery are piled on a conical mass of rock which rises abruptly out of the waters of the Atlantic to the height of 300 feet, on the summit of which stands the church. This rock is nearly a mile from the shore
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