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Everybody shoots the alligator

There are certain objects/art pieces on board that just everyone has to take a picture of. These are a few of them!

Everybody shoots the alligator

Pool deck bathroom signage

The electronic locators

These were the most amazing pieces of tech gear! What to Do Right Now showed you a list of every ship event occurring at the time, and for the next several hours. Room Finder asked you to put in a room number, and the ship's diagram draw path from the locator tothe room. The Cruise Compass was the electronic version of the paper Cruise Compass you get in your room every night for the next day. Venues Around the Ship showed what was going on in each theater, hall, club, bar and so on. I don't remember if it showed how crowded the facilities were, cause I never used it. Dining listed each of the dining facilities, and showed, via red, yellow,and green bars, how likely you were to be able to get a table and eat!