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Text from their site:

The Lago Mar Resort and Club attract discerning travelers from around the world with its spectacular private beach, sophisticated ambience, South Florida charm and impeccable personal service.

It is a premier Fort Lauderdale Florida Hotel located on a tropical paradise nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Mayan in the exclusive Harbor Beach neighborhood and has been awarded the prestigious Four Diamond Award by the American Automobile Associations (AAA), and listed in the discriminating Conde Naste Gold List Edition as one of the World's Best Places to Stay. Lago Mar is just 5 miles north of the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Portico at the Lago Mar, looking onto one of the canals

The path back into the courtyard

The courtyard looking toward the dining room and pool

Embarkation morning, coffee on the beach!

At dawn (around 6 a.m.-ish) the beach cleaner starts raking the beach.

Looking north, up the coast

A baby coconut! (Or, more probably, a palm nut…)

Some of these guys always get blown up on the beach

Dawn’s a’comin’ (looking sort-of south-east)

Look! Here it is! (straight east out across the Atlantic!)

Thanks, Google Earth!

Click for full picture. These rocks are down along the inlet edge.

({Cue Beatles music} "Heeeeere comes the suuuuun")

Tah Dah!

(Looking west down the inlet)
Before dawn, the Oasis was visible down the inlet, but I couldn’t get it in focus.

(Because it looked gray and wet out when I went for my coffee, I was concerned it might be rainy – turned out they’d washed down the place – but so I carried the water-proof camera with me out onto the sand, rather than the fancy expensive new one.)

Our suite

The view on the afternoon we arrived

Our little (useless-to-us) kitchenette

The sun comes up and into our suite!

Breakfast at Lago Mar

On our way to the dining room

These were with the new camera

The view from our table into the courtyard

The view from our table across the outside dining area

And look who came to breakfast!

We were told he’s a young grackle.

Common Grackles are in the Icteridae, the Blackbird family.

I’m sure Lago Mar hates folks feedin’ ’em, but who can resist?!

His friends came too.

An after breakfast nap by the pool?

Really wide pix