Text from the Lago Mar site:

Our 500-foot private beach stretches into the clear, blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. Large, luscious palm trees provide shade and respite from the sun as you embark on the vacation of your dreams in lovely Ft. Lauderdale. Travel along the path that leads to the beach and you’ll find a putting course, beachfront volleyball and shuffleboard. Continue along until you reach one of the two pools. There is an Olympic size pool on the ocean and the larger one is a swimming lagoon that measures over 9000 square feet. There is a playground for children and outdoor dining and entertainment for the adults.

Satellite picture from Google Earth

The LagoMar pool. The cabana bar is just out of the picture
to the right. I’m standing in the outside dining patio.

The lovely pool.

The outside dining area; the pool to the left, the dining room to the right. There were these weird-cool birds that make a funny chirping all over the place – but no one at the resort (any of the three times we’ve stayed there!) has any idea what kind of birds they are. You can see the roof of the … cabana? bar … in the center of the courtyard.

The breakfast room decorated for Christmas

Lobby decoration

The cabana bar from the other side (walking out of the hall by our room... er... our suite!) The pool is to the right. The dining hall is through the cabana at the far side of the central courtyard. The ocean is off to the left.

The view rightwards from outside our suite on the evening we arrived, when it was still gray and drizzly. The pool is just beyond those little lounge chairs you can barely see.

Our suit was the bottom left sliding door.

The morning we sailed, I drank my coffee sitting on the shore. Michael was still asleep.

A view up the beach (northward) from the hotel’s beach front.


EEK! Too close! (But pretty.)

Dusk the night we arrived. This ship (a car-carrier?) was
moored out there, probably awaiting a berth in the Port.

The evening cruise-ship exodus included this Norwegian Cruise liner. (The ship is sailing out the inlet of Port Everglades, just beyond the condo-building, which sits directly on the edge of the inlet.) I SOOOOO wanted to wait and see the Queen Mary II leave, but we were running late for our Michael-arranged dinner party with other cruisers; I heard the QMII’s underway horn, as I was running back to the resort.… I did get to see her the final day; she docked at 6 a.m.; we docked at 7.

Part of the cruise-ship exodus.

Lots of cargo traffic too.

This was taken from our front lawn, outside our … er … suite.

The walkway down along our suite – this ENTIRE wall, all the way to the end, is our suite! The tall fencing of the tennis courts is to the right. The white fence at the left edge is the entry to the hall off which our suite began. The tall bush at the left end is the edge of our “front lawn.”

Michael in our bedroom.

The suite hall looking toward the living room and the beach.

Living and dining room from the hall

Dining room and kitchen from the sliding door

The living room and dining room.

A closer view

A view off our front lawn.

Fort Lauderdale

Port Everglades is a very busy port, both cruise ships and
commercial traffic. (The view is from the beach at Lago Mar.)

The view from the Schooner Bar looking out to sea. At the very left-most edge you can see that ship that was moored off the Lago Mar. The inlet to Port Everglades is at the left-most edge, and may even be out of the picture.

The Freedom of the Seas in Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale. We were
already exiting the port inlet (seawall at right), and she followed us out.

As we sailed out the inlet the next morning, the Goodyear Blimp flew by!