Looking down into the Centrum from Deck 10

“Back of the house” – a stairwell for crew use

Cascades, the main dining hall

A side dining area in the Cascades, the main dining hall

The main dining hall mosaic wall

The decorative divider in the Schooner Bar

The Colony Club main hall

The Colony Club looking left from the same spot

The Centrum decorated for Christmas

The bar in the Centrum

The lighted stairway in the Centrum. Latte-tudes, the coffee bar, is at the top (dark cause it’s closed). The Centrum Bar is to the right of the stairs (at the bottom).

The view of the Centrum from the bottom of the lighted stairs

The Radiance is famous for its glass elevators

A different view of the Centrum (deck 4 or 5)

The scrim of the Aurora Theater