Serenade Inside Views

Schooner Bar

Schooner Bar

Entrance to the Safari Bar

Safari Bar

Safari Bar

Safari Bar

Handsome chair in the Safari Bar

The Centrum

The Centrum

The Centrum

The elevators have a ‘day-sign’ so we know what day it is.
They used to use little carpets, but people kept stealing them!
Now, they’re granite!

The green stairs in the Centrum

The Centrum Bar

Looking down the elevator area from Deck 12

They project the ship’s name on the Centrum wall.

My all-time favorite ship art: the Vortex!

Windjammer Buffet Cafe

A side dining room off the Reflections dining hall

The casino is Art Nouveau style

The casino


Serenade Art

This galaxy (I guess it–s actually a vortex) is Swarovski crystal and
lights – on the wall out The Vortex disco / rotating bar on Deck 12.

A ship in a glass bott… er… display case at the Schooner bar.

The entry to the Schooner Bar

Pretty glass walls outside the theater

Stairwell Art

The center is a painting, the outliers are a collage of leaves and petals.

A glass plant

Hilde Maelum’s mask

Hilde Maelum’s mask is concave – you know, sinks inward? And yet, no matter what angle you photographed it from – the picture shows a convex face. (Because it was mounted in a niche, I couldn’t get far enough to the side to get a photo showing its concavity.)

2008 note: I was able to get inside pix on our Hawai’i cruise.

They project the ship’s name on the Centrum wall.

The ‘slot machine’ that completely bedeviled me – I won $100 but put in $200 of our money (in addition to putting the $100 I won back in). You put in quarters, and HOPE that they push more quarters over the edge. I got a $50 bill, two $20 bills, and a $10 bill to fall; then kept pouring quarters in, trying for the other $50 bill (as they intend). Michael figures I probably poured in about $1,000 in quarters (you get seeimngly hundreds of quarters pushed out to be “recycled”). When I finished, my fingers were completely black with tarnish from those “shiny“ quarters! (But it was FUN!)

The scrim in the theater