Mount Rainier and Mt Hood (I think).
To get a bearing on the compass, that … lump …
on her shoulder (Little Tahoma, a subpeak) is to the north-east of the peak.

Mount Rainier with Puget Sound laid out below her!

Mount Rainier


Mount Rainier with Mt St Helens to the right (SW) and Mt Hood to the left (S).

Some river valley somewhere in the Pac NW

High mountain lakes

Puget Sound

Olympic Mountains looming over Puget Sound

The city in the bottom; Mercer Island above right; with the famous floating bridge.

Flying over Mercer Island, Seattle is in the top left, Olympics in the background.

Note the cruise ship docked in Seattle, and the stadium to
the right above the container port's shipping cranes.

A close-up
Some river valley somewhere in the Pacific “NE.” (A friend sugggested it was The Dalles, Oregon, but by chasing Google-earth all the way up the Columbia River, I found this island and dam near Wenatchee.)

Not from a plane

The view south toward Tacoma from the Verrazano's restaurant deck.

Up in Snolqualmie Pass between western and eastern Washington
A mosaic pole in
the Sea-Tac airport