Most people (it seemed) stayed up on decks 11 and 12 for the view. These folks came down to deck 5 and the helipad on the bow to try to get closer to the view. I was one of very few people, seemingly, who knew about the secret place – all the way aft on deck 5, past the A/C intakes for the ship (huge and very noisy!) – where you're about 20 feet above the water.

Huge view of the calving

Closer view of the calving

Barely-later view of the calving

After a couple hours of “spinning the ship in place,” we'd picked up a pretty good amount of ice (growlers and bergy-bits) against the ship. Before beginning to head back down Endicott Arm, the captain used the ship’s thruster wake to push the ice away from the ship. (An advantage of the secret place was a close-up view!)

The little Zodiac-type craft was lowered from here to pick up some glacier ice.

Dawes Glacier at the head of the Endicott Arm Fjord

The Waterfall

This waterfall was on the right side (fjord wall) facing the glacier; maybe a mile or so away from the glacier.

Absolutely beautiful – and you could hear it roaring over the ship’s noise.

The source was up the (u-shaped, rounded, glacier-cut) hill to the (smallish) glacier.

All that ice-cut / ground-smooth / scored rock…

This is why you could hear it so far away. That little tiny yellow thing in the middle? It is the Zodiac-type craft carrying four adult men! The distance is SO deceptive. That waterfall must be nearly 3-4 stories tall! I searched and searched and could not find anywhere where this waterfall is named. Baffling.

The ship sends these guys out to pick up a piece of glacier ice, which is later served in drinks.

Whew! Get a sense of just how large this waterfall is!

Hanging Valley

This (u-shaped, rounded, glacier-cut) valley, called a hanging valley, was at the left side (facing the glacier), opposite and a little further away than the fantastic waterfall. Way far up the valley (and most visible in the enlargement below) you can see the remnants of a glacier.

Can’t you just imagine the ice grinding and shearing away the granite to create this valley?

This is the outflow of the glacial melt.