The upper, twisty fjord is Tracy Arm that we were scheduled to cruise. The ice was too thick in the fjord,
so we went down Endicott instead, the lower, straighter Arm.

One of the most fascinating things is the scoring and resurfacing and grinding that the ice has done to the rock. Everywhere you look, there is the pattern of the ice-carried rocks (and the ice itself) marking the hard rock! Rounded rock was buried under the ice and ground rounded; the pointy mountain tops stuck up above the ice, and so were not ground down.

An amazing rock formation and waterfall

There are the most fantastic rock shapes left from the glaciation. (And notice the waterfall at the right edge.)
The enlargement below gives you a sense of how HUGE these rock cuts are.)

Remember, the rounded mountain tops were UNDER the ice; the pointy guy up behind
stuck up above the ice. So it was REALLY tall ice!

Notice the huge (huge!) rock sitting on the right-side of the waterfall?

Here’s a closer look.

Ha! And they say Texas is a big state!

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