My family and other
strange phenomena

My family in 1970

My family in 1970
Meredith on the left, Elenor in the middle, Abigail on the right
Mom and Dad in front
El in college
Elenor in her first week at college (1978)
El in Philly
Elenor on the tugs in Philadelphia,
around 1980

My children (1996)

Rico or Rikky (real name: Rococo) on the top, (Rikky died at 16; Barry and Rico were brothers)
Titi (real name: Shotoku Nefertiti) on the couch arm, (Titi, actually a Tonkinese rather than a Siamese, died at 18)
Barry (real name: Baroque) on the seat (Bear died at 17)

Rikky, Titi, and Barry

Rico, my youngest son, the center of my life for 15 years.

Rico, the cat
Rico, the cat

My family in 2003 (or so)

My family in 2003
Mom/Jean, Mark, Keith, and Michael Ray in Cambria