The Party After the Wedding!

Our wedding cake

The cake was made by the local Publix supermarket (!!) with purple flowers and white creme frosting. Yum! Elenor painted the yellow flowers on the cake-topper purple too. (Purple was Stevie Ray Vaughan’s favourite color, and so, was the “accent” colour for the wedding!!)

Elenor “rented“ a wedding consultant for an hour and she recommended Publix for the wedding cake.

Cutting the cake

Elenor decorated the knife and server in purple and white ribbons, as she did her hat.
The cake was absolutely delicious!
Meredith took over cutting and serving.

A toast!

Elenor put purple flowers on her and Michael’s fancy toasting glasses.
Mere and Wint toasting

Chaplain Jeremiah and Cousin Tracy
Michael Ray getting teased by Abby and Wint
Wint after cake and champagne
The party afterwards
Bea and Abby
Mom/Jean, Wint, and Mere with Keith
Mere, Keith, and Tracy
All signed and legal!
Tracy and Bea drove in for the wedding.
Well, we lived through it!

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