Before The Wedding


Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Cliff sent flowers, which we used in the dining room.
You can see the “toasting glasses” for the bride and groom,
decorated (by Elenor) with purple flowers and ribbons.

Elenor bought flowers and greenery, and she and Abby made these for the mantel.
You’ll notice Stevie Ray Vaughan, the patron saint of our marriage in the center.
Plus El’s dad on the left and Michael’s dad on the right – so everyone was at the wedding!
You can see the flowers closer in some of the pix below.

Dinner the Night Before

We took everyone to Raj India down in Buckhead for a great dinner.

Group Photos

The Snow women!
Three brave men (to married Snow girls)!
Jean’s “cup running over”

Hanging Out at the House

Elenor took the pastel plaid hatband off and decorated her hat
to match the wedding theme: purple purple purple!
(Notice Meredith ‘out like a light’ behind Keith!)
Mark videotaped our wedding. Thanks!
Should he get married in a hat?
I could make the procession music with these!

Breakfast the Morning After

(Boy! We ALL look the worse for wear!)

Time to Go!

The Newly Weds!

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