Our trip to NYC in May 2000

El, Alex, and Michael Ray (we never did succeed in getting a picture of Alex
that he knew was being taken where he did NOT make a face!!)
snows.jpg - 37613 Bytes Alex, let out of the “home”
for the visit.... <G>
alex2.jpg - 11534 Bytes

Alex, distracted by his artwork.
alex1.jpg - 13568 Bytes The Snow-Garveys —
with Alex looking like a nut!
garveys.jpg - 28690 Bytes

It was sunny, we were all squinting!
us-3.jpg - 34493 Bytes
Wint at home
wint1.jpg - 12350 Bytes

Still lovebirds, after all these years!
ab-wint1.jpg - 16345 Bytes ab-wint2.jpg - 25939 Bytes

wint-2.jpg - 24467 Bytes