2011 Trip to L.A.

17–29 March

Hangin’ around at Mere’s

Meredith spent some of her sabbatical a few years ago learning to
make stained glass windows: this is her dining room (clerestory) window!

Mom’s new door overhang and railing. The locksets all around were replaced.
The garage door opener was repaired. The back door light was replaced. After we left,
the back door and doorframe and the kitchen window were replaced.

Dinner Out

(Fuzzy Disclaimer: I know some of these pix are fuzzy and out of focus – but the postures and gestures are so quintessentially Meredith that I just had to include them!)

Alas, this was the only picture I got of Mark.
Thai Barbeque – superb restaurant!

Walking Bosco, and Paul’s Horde

Mom walks Mere’s dog most mornings. We went along. Just as we were heading out, Mom’s dog-walking friend Paul showed up with all of his dogs, which I call Paul’s Horde (cause it’s, like, 5–6 wee doggies!).

Mere joins when she can.
“Twinkle Toes” (not her real name)
And of course, almost no pix of the family photographer!
Heading off on our walk.

California Flora

Some California Fauna

Bird(s) of Paradise

Various and sundry

Walked out of a restaurant and “Oh WOW! Look up!”
Loved this print in the eye doctor’s office. Wish I know who “Hahn” was/is.